Lets talk about health

The past year I had been experiencing really terrible pains in my joints.  I have gone to so many doctor's and they couldn't find anything, it was a hard stressful time, the pain was unbearable I even visited a remotologist and she couldn't see anything wrong. But the pain increased my the day. They have given my really bad medications that relive the pain a bit but harm other parts of my body, they have injected in me radiation to see results in a bone scan...

There final diagnostics: Rheumatoid Arthritis I couldn't believe that at age 21 I could have such a thing.... but they said it was there, and it was never ever leaving.. The doctor wanted to start medication, and as soon as I heard that i decided to run....Run away from all the useless doctor appointments, all the blood work, all the horrible medications.

I decide to heal the natural way. I visited a really great natural doctor in Carolina Puerto Rico, serious the most awesome doctor I have meet, I went in scared and with doubt. But it was all worth it. He told me that my body was just intoxicated with all the daily unhealthy foods we may consume, so  I had a week of detoxification my body, trust me it was hard but worth it all!!!! I lost 8 pounds in a week,  thinking that i will get better kept me motivated to keep doing the hard detox and the wait loss was a plus!!!

Now I am practically vegetarian, sometimes I eat fish... Actually I really don't miss meat that much and the pain has decreased rapidly im so glad, it takes nine moths to clean my whole system and keep being healthy.

You can find all the answers to your health problems in Nature!!!!


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