Travelling Back Home

Travelling back home is always my favorite place to travel, I've been in Puerto Rico for all of my life and with my extreme career change it took me far from the Island and into the city. I always love playing the tour guide when at home so I brought friend to visit Puerto Rico for the first time, and obviously I took him to some touristy places in our short visit. 

Travel blog

Threw, out the many years I've had this blog, I written about things I like, fashion, food, places, nature a bit of everything. I started of in Puerto Rico in 2011 trying to get out there and show people my interests and hobbies. Once in a while a felt down and didn't post or write and I would stay away for a while. I struggled for a while trying to find a way to show my passions. In college I studied International Business,  I had a passion for traveling an learning about new places. I finished my BA in Business in 2014 and struggled for a while to find a job. Finally after 6 months of job search I was hired at a local hotel were I developed many new skills, it became my second home. Once again bringing back my passion for blogging, I was not consistent  and many bloggers in Puerto Rico who just started out blogging were having much more success in such little time, I know it was my own fault for not begin consistent and slacking off. After writing for such a while and now that I was leaving Puerto Rico there was a big blogger boom, blogger events here and there, which I lost out on Because I moved to NY.  I now decided that with my new job that takes me to so many amazing places, to focus more on things I truly love like traveling, cultures, history, food, fashion and many more. Hopefully now I can blog with more passion and consistency and share with the world the things I love and all the new and amazing places I will visit.

I always thank you for your support and for those who have been here for a while thank you for always following me. If you love something never give it up, even when hard times come by be consistent and don't put a side the things that make you happy. Work hard and get things done, its the only way to success.