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Threw, out the many years I've had this blog, I written about things I like, fashion, food, places, nature a bit of everything. I started of in Puerto Rico in 2011 trying to get out there and show people my interests and hobbies. Once in a while a felt down and didn't post or write and I would stay away for a while. I struggled for a while trying to find a way to show my passions. In college I studied International Business,  I had a passion for traveling an learning about new places. I finished my BA in Business in 2014 and struggled for a while to find a job. Finally after 6 months of job search I was hired at a local hotel were I developed many new skills, it became my second home. Once again bringing back my passion for blogging, I was not consistent  and many bloggers in Puerto Rico who just started out blogging were having much more success in such little time, I know it was my own fault for not begin consistent and slacking off. After writing for such a while and now that I was leaving Puerto Rico there was a big blogger boom, blogger events here and there, which I lost out on Because I moved to NY.  I now decided that with my new job that takes me to so many amazing places, to focus more on things I truly love like traveling, cultures, history, food, fashion and many more. Hopefully now I can blog with more passion and consistency and share with the world the things I love and all the new and amazing places I will visit.

I always thank you for your support and for those who have been here for a while thank you for always following me. If you love something never give it up, even when hard times come by be consistent and don't put a side the things that make you happy. Work hard and get things done, its the only way to success.


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