Im Back

Hi guys, gonna start fresh and new so her I go... My name is Taryn Cruz, im in my forth year of International Business and Human Resources. I Love nature, fashion, exploring and photography. I am also a certified  event planner.  I love to try new things and I love to travel to new places. Slowly discovering the world its beauty and getting to know myself better.

 Today I am posting a casual look, ohh got to remind you that my clothes are usually from, JC Penny,  TJMAX, Marshalls, Burlington,  and other stores depending on what I find comfortable or just cute.  Hope you enjoy my pictures.

Skull T shirt and Red jeans from TJMAX
R + J Bag from Burlington 

If your wondering about this lipstick, its the NYX Matte Lipstick I got it at Wallmart for 4.88 in color Bloody Mary.


Fresh New Start

Now that its 2013 I have decided to take my blogging more seriously, updating looks, adventures and even new products.  Hopefully I get that new camera I have been wanting to get so I can give you guys beautiful clear shoots of wonderful things I experience and some new stylish looks I will be posting.  Hope this year is full a fashion, photos and beautiful new followers!!!! xoxo