Feel the red vibes

 For this look I was inspired in Valentine vibes, I really don't know how to define my style I guess I just wear what i like and deepends on my mood. I don't really follow trends I just am, don't follow the crowd be unique.

Hat: Wet Seal
Top: Christian Dior (thrift shop)
Pin: Gypsywarrior
Belt: Gypsy Warrior
Leggins: Fallas
Bag: Nine West

Gypsy Warrior Ridgewood

I've been obsessed with Gypsy Warrior ever since I discovered their site, it was a place that meet the standards of my style and personality. Since I was living in Puerto Rico the only way I could get my hands on things was online. Then they did a collab with Pacsun were I was able to see things physically and made my first purchase in store. Now thanks to my new job I had to move to New Jersey I knew it was my chance to finally see the real thing.

He estado obsesionad con Gypsy Warrior desde que descubrí su sitio en la web, era un lugar que cumplen los estándares de mi estilo y personalidad. Desde que vivia en Puerto Rico, la única forma en que podia poner mis manos en sus cosas era en línea. Luego hicieron un collab con Pacsun en donde era capaz de ver las cosas físicamente hice mi primera compra en la tienda. Ahora, gracias a mi nuevo trabajo, tuve que mudarme a Nueva Jersey, sabía que era mi oportunidad de finalmente ver lo real en su tienda en Ridgewood.