Easter !!

I was just dying to get my hands on any Lime Crime products, and I finally got something I really love, plus its in my favorite color.  It just arrived throw the mail this week, and since Easter is here I decided to do this nail polish craze. 

In honor of Easter day I would like to dedicate this post to my sister & graphic artist Talia Cruz that always helps me whenever I am in need of a change in my blog. You can see some of her work Here!!!

Thank you Sis

More Rainy Easter Day Pictures!!! :D


Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday!!! xoxo

Turquoise Skirt

This is one of my latest purchases from  Forever 21 and I absolutely love it.  Its bright, fresh, cute and now that its getting even hotter, its something I will be wearing often. So I hope you enjoy my look today.


Thanks for stopping by!!! xoxo

Visiting Rio Piedras

We were on a search for some college books, so our professor's send us to the streets of Rio Piedras, were you can find many artistic buildings, library's, houses, thrift stores. Its a really colorful place filled with surprises.

Then later in the afternoon we went to the beach to try out my new waterproof camera.

Got to say this was the first picture underwater that I took and it was so crystal clear I loved it.


 Surprise!!! haha XD 


Thank's for stopping by!!!!