Alone even tho I'm girlfriend material

Valentines Day!

Be your own Valentines or Celebrate it with family or close friends and love ones. I will spend it at home around my family and most important part with myself. You have to learn to love yourself in order for others to love you. It's been over a year now of me begin single and man what a time of growth and learning about myself and others. 

I'm not going to say I was 100% alone this whole time.. I learned that nowadays commitment is not a thing that is common; and that casual is more of the usual, the more I meet guys the more I see them  not interested in creating meaningful relationships.

The dating world in 2020 goes down to the physical and pays no attention to the emotional and goal oriented or commitment part. I have always seeked for that love in others when were I truly needed to seek for love was in myself. We spend our time searching for love, being in the wrong places at the wrong time, getting in situations that are hard to end, repeating toxic cycles over and over and not focusing on our self's. Not focusing on the love we should be giving to your own self, your body, your mind your soul.

 I'm gonna be honest I have made the mistake of craving support from someone I loved; but always ended up getting dissapointed and pushed away because the people I kept on surrounding myself with; never believed in me or simply thought I was a fool wanting to do the things I loved (Blogging, Photography, Youtube).

 I noticed that I can't blame anyone, I could only blame my self for not believing in me.

It was actually me who wasn't believing in myself and man how now that has changed, just because sometimes we get blinded in love and trying to make things work, trying to please others, we expect to much from others and not notice that sometimes others don't really care about the same things we care for, sometimes we expect others to lift us up when Its "You" that needs to find the strength to keep pushing toward your goals and dreams.

If you are single... this is the time to learn about yourself, become passionate about the things you love, make new friends, find new hobbies, take care of your health and physical appearance. Like a friend once told me you need to become obsessed, with the things you want to achieve. 

 Find people that can support you and make you feel appreciated and also do the same for others. believing in your projects and ideas; not just the first week or second week, but consistently and genuinely support you and your goals.

The thing I dislike the most is a person that fakes begin a supporting friend but in reality is selfish, people that say they care about others but can't even ask or understand your personal and family situations. If you want to help others grow, help them grow, don't push them away, be that kind and supportive person.

If you are currently in a relationship I am truly happy for you. You don't understand how much I love LOVE, and I hope it is a healthy relationship too. Don't forget to keep working on yourself everyday all tho you have a partner; always give each other love and support, and if things don't feel right step aside so both of you can growth in the right direction that may be ahead. 

Remember to love yourself above anything!!!