Stroll at the park

9:36 AM Taryn 2 Comments

Today's look is simple but chic, this is another pair of DIY shorts, the blouse is from Marshalls, My Idore shoes from Novus, earrings from Forever 21, and rings from eBay.  Just a cute chic look for a day at the park in San Juan, showing of my legs with my shorts. Great look for hot weather!!

Tell me would you wear this look???

El look de hoy es simple pero chic, este es otro par de pantalones cortos de DIY, la blusa es de Marshallss, Mis zapatos son Idore de Novus, pantallas de Forever 21, y los anillos de eBay. Sólo un look chic para un día en el parque de San Juan, mostrando mis piernas con mis pantalones cortos. Excelente look para el calor!!!

Te pondiras este look???

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  1. Love your look, especially the shoes :)