Finding Myself

I started this page back in 2011 when I was a college student wanting to study science, marine biology, wild life, history, and ended up studying business. I had been lost for all these years wondering or trying to find my passions, my hobbies my interests.... Its June 2018 on month before I turn 27 years of age and I finally feel I have started to find myself. I have been putting aside a passion of mine which is photography I may not be a great one but ever since I was little I had a camera in my hand I always though how the value of capturing a memory and keeping it forever. This started as a life, fashion, freedom blog... I though I could be a fashionista but I guess it wasn't in me although I do love fashion, its not a thing I see me slaving over.. Also makeup.... I feel like on these last trips I have re discovered the things I love, Photography, Food, History, drinks and some things fashion related. I love nature, adventure, meeting new people, learning about cultures and experiencing them with others and I decide to keep on experiencing all these beautiful things this life brings and sharing it with others. Seen or not seen I will keep it as a reminder of the beautiful adventures and people this life brings my heart and soul.

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