My October Wish List

These are some of my favorite items for this month. October is one of my favorite months its just so magical. These are on my wish list from some of my favorite websites, hopefully by the end of the month I get some of these lovelys.

Tell me what items are on your wish list for this month!?!?


Estos son algunos de mis favoritos para este mes. Octubre es uno de mis meses favoritos ya que es un mes tan mágico.  Estos están en mi lista de deseos de algunas de mis paginas favoritas.  Espero de que al final del mes tenga alguno de estos en mis manos.



  1. This is GORGEOUS! i want all of these items - literally all of them! The boots, lipstick, palette - gorgeous.

    Have a good day,
    Rebecca xox

  2. totally LOVE the lipstick's color and also the eyeshadow palette looks pretty

  3. Those shoes I mean just stop!! Love your wish list now only if we wished and it and it just showed up in our closets!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries