How to throw a summer party

Now that were in June im getting ideas on what theme to celebrate my 22nd Birthday, after a long figth on many themes I decided to stick with a summer tropical theme, since its really easy for me to find most of the items at a very low cost, like the fruits, the flowers and many things I could find in my Caribbean back yard. For most of you, its just a great idea to make a cool summer party, so here are some steps I think you should take so you can make an amazing summer party. So enjoy and if you need more details or ideas just comment or contact me throw e-mail.
  1.  Select the place and the date of the party
  2. Select a theme for your party (Lua, tropical, mexican, etc.)
  3. Decide on how many people their will be on the guest list
  4. Create a budget depending on the guests include: (food, drinks, music and decoration)
  5. Send the invite and recive confirmation (this is really important so you now how many people are really attending.
  6. Encourage your guests to dress according to the theme.
  7. Buy all items on your party list
  8. Organize the place, set glass wear, decoration, music, and more
  9. Day of the party: Start the Party and Introduce everybody to everybody 
  10. Entertain your guests all nite long

Here are some Ideas on how your guest could come dressed up to your theme party!!!

This is my selection of some foods and drinks I would like to serve at my summer tropical caribbean party!!!

Stick by so you could see my own recreation of a Tropical Summer Party in July!!!


  1. wooow very nice refference when someone throw summer party :)

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  3. Love the tropical foods and drinks! So perfect for summer :)


  4. Great tips! love this post!

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  6. The pics really inspired me, I want to do a summer party asap :D

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  8. Such a cool post!! I ♥ themed partys but have never thought of a tropical summer themed party, so this is a really cool inspiration to me, thnaks for sharing, and I love these moodboards :)