Nail polish trends

 This post is from another blog I have since I like it so much I wanted to publish it here to. XD

Well now days there is so many colors to choose from.... Different tones of pinks, purples, blues, browns, they just go on and on and on... A hole rainbow of colors... I love painting my nails, adding stencils, stickers, rhinestones, and all the cute little things I could find. You could make your nails look high fashion without that high fashion price.

Whats in now???

Animal print
Everyone's got to love a little bit of that wild side, really cute and colorful animal print is a fun way to paint your nails, its cute, sexy & at the same time you could wear it to a party, a date or even your prom.

Its really cool how you could use and color for the animal prints and its still hot!!!

Sinful colors is on of my favorites, there completely affordable you find them at your local drug store, the have many shades and really fun colors to play with. Other nail polishes I love come from Rimmel, Sally Hansen and Revlon the scented collection in fabulous <3 

The shatter effect is one of my recent favorites, I got to say I love it, its so dynamic, you could combine it with any color of your choice.

Every girl has to love a little bit (meaning Overdose) of glitter it never goes out of style, its always magical.

The Idea is to be playful and create your own unique style <3